Specialized Dog Training

Dogs need to be given more credit for their abilities. We have been teaching our canine counterparts to work for us throughout time and are always adding new tasks to that long list of capabilities. We’ll now focus on some of the typical and not so typical ways dogs can be trained, either for fun or to perform essential tasks.

Dogs can rescue people if properly trained. Here’s how that works. As you probably know, rescue dogs have been trained for years to help find people that are trapped or lost. Most rescue dogs are highly trained, capable of handling several different scenarios.

Dogs that are trained in this manner can deal with extreme climate and topography that is difficult to navigate. As you probably know, many rescue operations take place in the mountains so these dogs must be able to deal with extreme heights. Rescue dogs are also very good at following a scent, even in severe conditions and areas. The canine species is naturally adept at protecting its master. Even without training, they will be very accommodating and protective when you go into the wilderness to hike or fish in rugged areas.

It has been known for many centuries, if not longer, that dogs have a keen sense of smell. Used to find criminals and missing persons for decades, law enforcement has used dogs to find people by tracking their scent. There are also cadaver dogs whose specialty is finding bodies. Although some dogs are trained, almost every dog can track basic smells. It is part of their DNA. This can be done by teaching a dog to identify a scented object that belongs to a particular person. While training your dog, make sure that you reward them for doing well and also start them on other scents if necessary. Not only can a dog track humans, but they can also track for animals. It just depends on what you want them to learn.

Dogs have been used for a variety of military purposes. Detecting explosives during a time of war is imperative. Military dogs, for decades, have been used to find explosives with their keen sense of smell. Military dogs can also be trained to smell for the enemy and virtually any type of explosive that may be in the vicinity that could cause casualties. In a time of war, these dogs are absolutely necessary to protect the troops from enemy combatants, explosives, and to also protect their owners. Dogs are actually trained for military use a specific military base in the United States.

For centuries, if not longer, dogs have been trained for specific tasks. The canine species has helped mankind in many ways including protection and for hunting purposes. Dogs can be trained for virtually anything, even a contest where both of you can win something special. Depending upon the dog that you choose and the type of specialized dog training that you implement, your canine friend can literally learn how to do whatever you teach.