Horse Saddles and Horse Blankets

Horse saddles and horse blankets are something people usually think of as the two things you’ll always find on the back of a horse. If you plan to ride your horse comfortably for any length of time, you’ll need both. Even if you don’t have to use the horse blanket with the horse saddle, you’ll still want a horse blanket for other times. You’ll want one when your horse is kept in a drafty stall, when your horse is waiting out in the cold weather for a show, when your horse is waiting in a holding pen for vet’s attention and it is cold outside. In more situations than you may think, a horse blanket can really come in handy.

Ensuring that you select the right saddle for your horse is vital. It not only affects the position in which the rider will sit, and therefore can be beneficial in preventing back ache or muscle pain, but it also, more importatnly, affects the horse. No responsible horse owner would want their steed to be in discomfort and pain and so choosing the best saddle is very important. Riding without a saddle may look cool, but it’s just not good for you or the horse, so don’t. There are many companies available who will measure your horse and recommend the saddles that they think are most appropriate but as with most things, this service costs money. I highly recommend this service as it ensures that you will not be causing any distress to your horse when you ride it. It’s better to get the right saddle the first time around than have to jump through hoops and get multiple saddles and have to worry about all of that.

Saddles are plentiful and vary greatly. There are all sorts of types, styles, price ranges, colors, uses, and horse blankets for saddles. The blanket is a barrier between the saddle and the horse’s skin. It provides a measure of comfort to an otherwise extremely irritating situation. You want the horse as comfortable and cared-for as possible to get the best ride and relationship with the horse possible.

Saddles can say a lot about the rider. It says you either use it a lot or just a little, it says you take care of it or you neglect it, it says what you use the horse for, whether or not you are an owner who prefers your materials simple or detailed, it can even say which area you are from and how much money you choose to put into your equipment.

The horse blanket can also say something about your taste. It can say whether or not you have shopped recently and bought a new blanket or whether you are using a favorite, well-worn blanket. It can say whether or not you prefer elaborate style or just the basics. It can say whether or not you care to match your colors to your other accessories. It can say where you shop if it is a certain brand or style.

For your added comfort, there are soft seats, suede seats, and even shock absorbers, which might be welcomed after a lengthy time away from riding because of medical reasons. Whatever type of horse saddle or horse blanket you’ll require be certain both will best benefit you and your horse. Check out Walnridge Equine Clinic for more information on horse health.

Buying from a well-established brand is not a bad idea. You just need to be aware that a number of saddle brands have been around a long time and the quality of their saddles have varied significantly over time. The quality can also vary over their current product lines. Never just blindly buy by brand without thoroughly inspecting the quality of the saddle in consideration. Additionally, celebrity endorsement can seem like a stamp of approval, but it really doesn’t mean more than that the celebrity is receiving payment for use of his or her name. Very few celebrities have any input into the design and construction of the saddles bearing their name. Saddles these days have a lot of technology put into them, they’re so far superior to anything of the olden days.