Georgia Hunting Retreat

Hunting in Georgia

Hog hunting is the sport of hunting big, strong wild pigs, but can also include wild cats and other animals as well. A large wild pig is an animal, usually of a great size, with sharp tusks that it uses to protect itself from enemy hunters. Hog hunting is often a test of stamina. Because wild pigs are very strong, hunters often need to cover long distances in very little time, and this requires a great deal of running and climbing.

Hog Hunting Techniques

The dogs used for hog hunting differ from other breeds of dog in many ways. The most important characteristics of the dogs used to hunt hogs include endurance, aggression, and loyalty. The dogs are more often used as part of a team; however, some hunters prefer to hunt alone. Large breeds of dogs are used as lead dogs, while smaller breeds such as the American bulldog are used as the hunter’s best friend. Hunters that do not have the space to hunt in areas where wild pigs or other hooves are commonly found often use dogs to help locate their prey. Bay dogs, a breed of long-haired pointers, are also used by some people who prefer not to kill living creatures.

Hunting for Hogs

Hog hunting is not a sport for the timid. The hunters must be brave enough to brave the wildest conditions and hunt the hogs at the right time. Often these animals are located near or around settlements where food, water, and shelter are available. This makes the hunting experience at hunting in Georgia exhilarating, and hunters can enjoy a night of great excitement and adventure. There is even a category for hog hunting called wild hog hunting, which is much more challenging than other types of hunting.